November 26, 2017 2 min read

When loved ones are sick it is a great idea to send flowers as a token to brighten up their day... especially when you can not be there in person. Now that Bourbon Rose florist has moved locations we are the closest florist to both Christchurch Public Hospital and Christchurch Women's Hospital. 

We are just 6 minutes drive from Christchurch Hospital

We are just 5 minutes drive from Christchurch Women's Hospital.

Here at Citywide Florist Ltd. we have a range of Christchurch Hospital friendly gifts to suit your needs. We have jotted down a few things to consider before you send flowers and gifts to them in hospital to make sure they get there and can be enjoyed

What you need to know about Christchurch Hospital Flower and Gift Deliveries.

  • We dispatch 3 times a day, 6 days a week around Christchurch.
  • We are the closest florist near the hospital just a few blocks away in Addington.
  • Make sure you check what unit they are in. Due to health reasons fresh flowers will NOT be accepted in ward - 10,11,15,16,17,18,19,20,25,26,28,30, CHOC,  Bone Marrow Unit, TW Unit and ICU Unit at Christchurch Public Hospital. 
  • All other Christchurch hospitals accept fresh flowers
  • If they are in one of these wards we suggest a balloon, fruit basket, homewares or perhaps one of our gift basket.
  • Fresh fruit baskets or Linden Leaves gift basket can be an excellent substitute where you are unable to send fresh flowers. This gives them something to nibble on, or a little pampering so the hospital hand soaps and shampoos aren't too harsh on their skin.
  • Our little affirmation cards can make for great reading material and are a nice way to perk up someone when they are feeling under the weather.


To make life easier we have created a collection of our top picks to send someone when they are in Christchurch Public or Womans Hospital.

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