F.A.Q. How do I change the address details

June 02, 2015 1 min read

I received a question from a customer about how shipping addresses v.s. billing addresses work and why he could not change the country in the address box when we was ordering for the U.K.

I know having a recipient address and a billing address can be confusing so I thought I would pop together a video to walk you through the checkout process and let you know how the delivery details work

So I put together a little video about...

  • How the delivery details work.
  • How to change your billing country
  • How to add multiple recipients addresses

If you have any questions, problems please do not hesitate to email us at sales@citywideflorist.co.nz so we can give you the best possible shopping experience and if you ever need flowers or gifts delivered in New Zealand do not hesitate get in touch.


Kind Regards

Gina & The Team.

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